UNITMON v1.91.0 Has Been Released
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Thanks for using Unitmon! To make UNITMON an even better experience for you, we focused mainly on Ease of Use, Report Planning, Network Monitoring, Syslog and Self-Audit. Below is a description of the latest added features, updates and bug fixes we have been working on! Keep watching us...

Design Changes

The main dashboard and vulnerability management screens have been redesigned for more user friendly results and visual satisfaction.

Monitoring Main Dashboard

Monitoring Logs

Our UNITMON team has just designed a fresh main dashboard and add Monitoring Logs on it. With this feature our users are now able to check the latest warnings, statuses and monitoring logs on UNITMON with ease.

Network Monitoring

Thanks to Network monitoring feature that has been developed in this release, followed features are ready to service:

  • Continuous monitoring of the given network range
  • Discovering new added assets,and monitoring assets
  • Monitoring deployment variations, services, operating systems, and ports.
  • Monitoring currently opened/closed ports

Network Monitoring

Scheduled Reports

To be able to follow closer the required monitoring services, asset or group monitoring, we’ve added the ability to set scheduled reports definition and create reports of the tagged monitors, and the executive summary reports at the end of the day / week / month and send emails to targeted contacts automatically. The scheduled reports feature can be find under Reports heading on the main menu.

Web Content Monitoring

We have made a lot of progress on the web content monitoring. Now you can display HTML's and monitor differences on your targeted websites on UNITMON. The dynamical and changing fields on each request can be ignored from your website content monitors by selecting them.

Web Content Comparison, Web Content Monitoring

Logging to Remote Servers with Syslog

We’ve developed our system to be able to send availability, vulnerability management, cyber intelligence, incident management, audit logs to remote servers via Syslog. All you need is building a syslog server and configure it on host panel.

Audit Logs

The audit log is one of the most effective forms of monitoring temporal information. With this release, all transactions such as user activities on UNITMON will be recorded. You can scan your UNITMON audit logs under system menu on host panel.

Sqlmap API Integration

We have just integrated sqlmap which is an open source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over of database servers, frequently used in web application vulnerability scans.Thanks to UNITMON, from now on our users are able to perform sqlmap scans onto their assets without the complexity of terminal screens!

SNMP v3 Support

As stated on SNMP original web-site, "SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) enables the monitoring of network devices from a central location. In contrast to SNMP version 1 (SNMPv1) and SNMP version 2 (SNMPv2), SNMP version 3 (SNMPv3) supports authentication and encryption. SNMPv3 uses the user-based security model (USM) for message security and the view-based access control model (VACM) for access control. USM specifies authentication and encryption. VACM specifies access-control rules."

In addition to the predetermined v1 and v2 for SNMP, UNITMON has now added support for v3 for the Authentication and Encryption features.

What's Next?

We put new fascinating features into our development schedule! UNITMON will be at your service through a cloud provider, really soon. More powerful and smooth monitoring screens. Automatic SNMP monitoring. And the finally free version of UNITMON! Stay sharp!


Please visit us at

  • Added "Interface new design transitions"
    c. Web site content comparison
  • Added "Monitoring Logs panel to Main Dashboard"
  • Added "Monitor menu ('All Monitoring Services' and 'Monitoring Status' sub-menus under the Report menu have been moved to the Monitor menu.)"
  • Added "Report planning feature"
  • Added "Sending logs to Remote Servers via Syslog"
  • Added "Logging self activities (audit)"
  • Added "Customizing report cover and content on unit basis"
  • Added "Sqlmap scan api integration"
  • Added "Multiple filtering feature for vulnerability management pages and tracking status pages"
  • Added "Admin summary PDF report into the mail sent as a result of vulnerability scanning"
  • Added "Redirect links into vulnerability scan information mails"
  • Added "Vulnerability scan deletion feature"
  • Added "Leaked data automatic filtering by clicking on the dashboard"
  • Added "Website content screen and html content screen comparison"
  • Added "Discard constant changing domains out of web content monitoring"
  • Added "Continuous monitoring of given network range. Discovering newly added assets. Monitoring deployment variations, services, operating systems, and ports."
  • Added "SNMP v3 support"
  • Added "Monitoring process for newly created or deleted virtual machines on virtualization monitoring"
  • Added "Ease of selecting active ones when adding vCenter monitoring on virtualization monitoring"
  • Added "Info status for availability monitoring"
  • Added "HSM Dashboard"
  • Added "Optional ping monitoring on assets added through automatic discovery"
  • Added "Adding tags to ping/port monitors added via automatic discovery"
  • Added "Create an asset group while saving assets that are added by automatic discovery"
  • Added "Additional verification and test connection (button) with predefined account for AD/LDAP integration"
  • Updated "Button display formats (Create New, Save, PDF, Executive Summary, Test, Back, Delete, etc.)"
  • Updated "Availability states and data displayed for availability monitoring (Alert, Not Monitored, Success, Information)"
  • Updated "Availability Monitoring Service on Job Manager Service arranged as Availability Monitoring Service and CRYPTTECH Threat Intelligence Monitoring Service"
  • Updated "Withdrawing the user, role and monitoring associated with a passive unit"
  • Updated "Mail sent about vulnerability scans "
  • Updated "Request-Response fields from browsers shown on the vulnerability scan reporting screens"
  • Updated "Vulnerability scan PDF report outputs"
  • Updated "Clickable The REMOVABLE SAFETY DEFAULT TOP 10 GROUP in the vulnerability dashboard"
  • Updated "Performance improvements on vulnerability dashboards"
  • Updated "Clickable Monitoring Status Table "
  • Updated "Redirects on web tracking, meta refresh"
  • Updated "SNMP monitoring, warning notation descriptions"
  • Updated "Extraction of the not monitored features from the status reports"
  • Updated "The about page has been made as home page for a non-authoritative user"
  • Updated "Errors -> Error Logs, Audit Log Display -> Audit Logs"
  • Updated "Removed 'Role' words for roles in 'Admin Role' and 'Host Role' for new installations"
  • Bug Fix "Vulnerability management, executive summary report errors"
  • Bug Fix "Vulnerability scan plan deletion problem"
  • Bug Fix "Web tracking, "found words" page error"
  • Bug Fix "Web tracking, character set problem found in site header information"
  • Bug Fix "SSL monitoring error on sites on Cloudflare"
  • Bug Fix "Tracking successful message in service monitoring mail"
  • Bug Fix "Deleted Assets appearing at the deleted asset group"
  • Bug Fix "Tooltips hanging on the monitoring status screen"
  • Bug Fix "Unable to log in with AD/LDAP integration without a qualified AD/LDAP username and password."


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CRYPTOSPOT 2.0.7 Released
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CRYPTOSPOT 2.0.7 version (stable) released. Please find following release notes.

  • Added "Ubuntu Server 18.04 compatibility"
  • Added "Fideli FIAS billing integration via PMS "
  • Added "Hybrid authentication on Turkish and Foregin Citizenship ID"
  • Added "Free license model for concurrent 3(three) users with Turkish Identity and SMS module"
  • Added "Redirection to status page that contains active sessions and usage details for the user, after login or hotspot interface access"
  • Added "Sedna PMS (Mssql) integration"
  • Added "Hotspot MTU configuration support"
  • Added "Ethernet based & IP Tunneling feature" (Required for kernel space filtering and mac adress logging)
  • Added "Proxy/relay support to Dhcp gateway feature" (IP assignment requests will be forwarded to external dhcp relay/proxy server)
  • Added "Registration date on user management pages"
  • Added "Keypad appearance option on room number input values for mobile devices"
  • Added "Realname information showing and based on connection duration ordering feature on online users page "
  • Added "Ticket extend feature on ticket management page"
  • Added "Show login option labels as a button on captive portals"
  • Added "Defining NDA & Terms Agreement feature as optional and/or mandatory"
  • Added "Realname field at accounting reports"
  • Added "Realname information at  Distinct User List, Registered User List, User List Confirming the Agreement scheduled reports"
  • Added "Deletion of old backups and exporting backups as encrypted file feature"
  • Added "Importing encrypted/downloaded backup files"
  • Added "Central Facebook Login API instead of local solution"
  • Added " System Maintenance -> Cleanup Auto Release Dhcp Clients feature"
  • Added "Custom field restriction on standard username/password authentication type"
  • Update "Kb/Mb/Gb conversions on dashboard graphs"
  • Update "Reverse order on dashboard graphs in terms of time"
  • Update "Cancelation of order/search cache on user management page grids"
  • Update "Defining default dhcp pool values as 2-251 and lease time as 86400 secs for new installations"
  • Update "Hamburger menu adjustments for scope integrity" 
  • Update "Alignments and Margins optimization for responsive compliance"
  • Update "Russian and English terms agreement contents"
  • Update "URL Filter feature (BETA)"
  • Update "URL Filter categories page visual improvements"
  • Update "Cosmetic modification at Edit Group pages on User Groups tab for URL Filtering > New Filter"
  • Update "Frontend modification on Alert/Notification text/images"
  • Update "When adding existing MAC address on MAC Authentication page 'Username already exist' error to 'MAC address already exists' 
  • Update "Clarification for alerts on troubleshooting page"
  • Update "Modsecurity filters  preventing to save masquerade configuration"
  • Update "Sponsor mail field show/hide option on captive portal configuration"
  • Update "Alert text on AD/LDAP connection page"
  • Update "System > Custom Restriction functions"
  • Update "Distinct user counts are chosen instead of total users for dashboards"
  • Update "Over resource consuming query to remember user feature"
  • Bugfix "Image upload and Turkish character encoding problem for scheduled reports"
  • Bugfix "Adding duplicate values problem on User Template page, allowed time ranges"
  • Bugfix "Captive portal interface issue when remember user number validation is enabled"
  • Bugfix "Realname information creation bug with self registation authentication"
  • Bugfix "Button overlap bug at self registation and sponsor mail configuration"
  • Bugfix "Survey display issue with self registation authentication"
  • Bugfix "Malforming/disapearing problem of images added for adverts at updates"
  • Bugfix "Lease time defining issue for dhcp passive and layer 2 mode"
  • Bugfix "Scroll disappear bug on URL Filter New Policy page"
  • Bugfix "Verification error on Sponsor Verification page"
  • Bugfix "License compatibility  issue for multiple hotspot configuration definition"
  • Bugfix "Turkish character encoding problem for some labels on captive portal creation/cloning"
  • Bugfix "Mail delivery problem for dashboard alerts"
  • Bugfix "Ordering issue for Surveys on Captive Portal Configuration page"
  • Bugfix "Javascript error for "Update all users in this group" when selected No, on User Template Edit page"
  • Bugfix "Upload/Download view bug for PostPaid Billing page"
  • Bugfix "Saving problem for Additional Data on standard users page"
  • Bugfix "Javascript/Browser errors for Change User Properties feature on Standard/SMS Users pages"
  • Bugfix "Survey functionality issue for After Login type"
  • Bugfix "Misleading survey reports applied at standard user authentication"


For 2.0.8 version, we have following roadmap features. Estimated release date for stable version is Mid-March 2019.

  • URL Categorization and Content Filtering feature stabilization
  • PPPoE connnection support (pap/chap) as default gateway(WAN)
  • One-click update
  • Browse-In notification and advertisement with HTTP injection
  • This version is not going to support Ubuntu 14.04.


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UNITMON V1.90.1 Yayımlandı (Released)
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UNITMON 1.90.1 stable version is released. We focused Virtualization Monitoring, Vulnerability Scanning Tools Integration and Incident Management features. Moreover we have done optimizations for frontend and cyber threat intelligence cloud service. Please find following release notes. Enjoy the show :)

  • Added "Standard & Custom (Fast Installation) Installation options. A feature allows to install UNITMON and dependencies with a single setup"
  • Added "Encryption of connection string in the WebConfig"
  • Added "An ‘About UNITMON’ page for general information and restricted users"
  • Added "Special error pages for HTML status codes (403, 404, 500)"
  • Added "New e-mail template for mail notifications"
  • Added "Authorization integration for AD/LDAP"
  • Added "Role settings for AD/LDAP users"
  • Added "Periodical mail notifications for inactive JobManagers"
  • Added "Permission to see all menus only (‘All’ role has been removed for new installations and ‘View’ role has been added)"
  • Added "Role management for Cyber Intelligence module"
  • Added "Incident Management Feature"

Unitmon Incident Management

  • Added "Monitor / delete feature as bulk"
  • Added "Asset lists are filterable for export"
  • Added "Import option to import bulk assets"
  • Added "Asset grouping feature"

  • Added "Ability to include asset groups and assets in groups into scan"
  • Added "Number of nodes during Auto-Discovery, is placed by tree structure"
  • Added "Ping monitoring for assets added during Auto Discovery is optional"
  • Added "Virtualization Monitoring feature. Below virtualization platforms will be monitored centrally"
    1. VMware ESXi
    2. VMware vCenter
    3. Hyper-V

Unitmon Virtualization Dashboard

Unitmon Virtualization Monitor

  • Added "License control for every virtual host monitoring evaluates 1 (one) Node"
  • Added "Bash script to install vulnerability scanning tools supported by UNITMON"
  • Added "Predefined vulnerability scanner connections for OpenVAS, Arachni, W3af, OWASP ZAP"
  • Added "Predefined scanning policies for OpenVAS, Arachni, W3af, OWASP ZAP"
  • Added "Administrative reports and graphical representations on ‘Compare’ page"
  • Added "AND logic development checks more than one keyword at a time for Data Leakage"
  • Added "Puny code monitoring feature for phishing addresses"
  • Added "A checkbox to monitor phishing site's availability"
  • Added "Cyber Reputation Monitoring as table view"
  • Added "Website content comparison feature"
  • Added "Automatic redirection feature to see changes of contents"
  • Added "Display screen for banned keywords"
  • Added "Certificate Issuer, common name, version and serial number tracking feature in SSL monitoring"
  • Added "More than one service/process tracking feature for Service Monitoring"
  • Added "Status of service/process and icon near the service name in Service Monitoring"
  • Added "Options for ‘Running Service’ and ‘Stopped Service’ in Service Monitoring"
  • Added "Users cannot see the login page who are already logged on with Login Page Control feature"
  • Added "Length limitation for error messages in the e-mail notifications"
  • Added "Control option on Asset and Credential Management pages based on user roles"
  • Update "Editing paging options (10-20-50-100) in tables used for listing"
  • Update "Cover page layout for reports which generated by Availability, Vulnerability Management and Cyber Threat Intelligence"
  • Update "API integrations for below vulnerability scanners"
    1. OpenVAS
    2. Acunetix (v>11)
    3. W3af
    4. Arachni
    5. Netsparker
    6. OWASP ZAP
    7. Nexpose InsightVM (v3)

Unitmon Vulnerability Dashboard

  • Update "Data Leakage keyword arrangements for add/delete processes in services"
  • Update "Duplicate keyword control in Data Leakage"
  • Update "Input control to not to add IP entries in Phishing Monitoring"
  • Update "Input control to prevent Local IP entries in Cyber Reputation Monitoring"
  • Update "Checking the scan plan formats in order to be supported by the scanners in Vulnerability Scan Plans"
  • Update "Adjustments on ‘Import Scan Result’"
  • Update "Adjustments for vulnerability dashboard" (Vertical and long ellipse tags in vulnerability graphic display. Tool type added)
  • Update "Vulnerability mail contents"
  • Update "Scan result import restriction for non-authorized user"
  • Update "Auto-Discovery restriction for Read Only users"
  • Update "Passivate SSH monitoring which previously converted to script tracking"
  • Update "CPU/RAM/DISK monitor with native Windows DLL instead of WMI"
  • Update "Alarms to be shown on top and passives to be shown at the end of the list in Asset Details"
  • Update "if the schedule is disabled and the data is not present, the charts will not be displayed on the Asset details page"
  • Update "Cancellation of cloud version control, if license is not registered"
  • Update "Adjustment on creation error log per hour when license is not available"
  • Update "Adjustment for tooltip on alarms showing on the monitoring status page"
  • Update "Pagination modification for grids. Filter update for group by tag and all for monitoring status page"
  • Update "Responsive adjustment for monitoring status in availability dashboard"
  • Update "If ssh commands fail, console stderr result will also appear in error"
  • Update "JobManager ID cannot be editable"
  • Update "Message Sending Service assignation for only one JobManager"
  • Bugfix "Show file content problem at Leaked Data"
  • Bugfix "Mail delivery problem for Data Leakage service (listing view added for past controls)"
  • Bugfix "Vulnerability count was not shown as based on scanner at vulnerabilities dashboard"
  • Bugfix "Vulnerability policy creation bug when SSL/TLS service is enabled"
  • Bugfix "Several issues about nessus vulnerability policy management"
  • Bugfix "Test connection with different JobManager error on vulnerability management scanner edit page"
  • Bugfix "Parsing bug on Vulnerability Scanner Plugin Update"
  • Bugfix "Role naming problem at role management"
  • Bugfix "View permission obligation for edit/delete rights has been removed at role management"
  • Bugfix "Resource monitoring error for non-ESX servers"
  • Bugfix "Internal server error when saving assets with existing name or ip address"
  • Bugfix "Redirection to clicked link problem after login"
  • Bugfix "Image content showing error in transmitted mail (localhost/ip change)"
  • Bugfix "Icon problem in PDF file for Events Report"
  • Bugfix "Listing JobManager problem for assigned customers at Monitor Adding pages"
  • Bugfix "Job manager control error for license relation"
  • Bugfix "Stability issue on info module for multiple job managers"
  • Bugfix "Adding third job manager bug"

Roadmap (Estimated Release Date: 2019-Feb)

  • User activities auditing
  • Forwarding logs via syslog at CEF
  • SQLMap API integration
  • Detection mobile fraudalent applications
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CRYPTOSPOT 2.0.6 Version Released
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CRYPTOSPOT 2.0.6 version (stable) released. Please find release notes following.

  • Added "A feature that allows categories to be updated on the URL Filtering page"
  • Added "EULA popping and requesting approval to admin user, due to the new installation or upgrade"
  • Added "On the captive portal screen, if auto-registration is active and the user is already registered, auto save old settings is optional"
  • Added "There is a scheduled Jobs Configuration page"
  • Added "Auto-Disconnect PMS Checkouts feature"
  • Added "Data Collection & Usage configuration feature"
  • Added "System alert by sending email to predefined addresses. Alerting indication screen has send mail icon"
  • Added "Setup packages has been available for download"
  • Added "Backup & Restore functionalities"
  • Added "The free sponsor login feature for previously registered users"
  • Added "A clean up setting for MAC users who have not logged in for a long time. Under the Miscellaneous Configuration page, Cleanup Configuration section"
  • Added "Device operating system information of users are being saved in database"
  • Added "The user agreement acceptance have been made optional"
  • Added "When registration is OFF in the Asked Field, a validation feature for selected User Additional data is available"
  • Update "Unassigned labels have been filled"
  • Update "Security updates on the panel"
  • Update "DataPort SMS Service Provider"
  • Update "Daily and monthly quota options"
  • BUGFIX "Dashboard adjustment"
  • BUGFIX "The display issue on IE 7/8"
  • BUGFIX "The login issue of the user created on Admin Access page"
  • BUGFIX "Turkish characters issue on User Management page"

For 2.0.7 version, we have following roadmap features. Estimated release date for stable version is Mid-December 2018.

  • Fidelio billing integration
  • Ubuntu 18.04 compliancy, OS and Docker images preparation
  • Menu Customazations and UI/UX optimizations
  • Wizard and easy add for splash pages
  • PPPoE connection support.


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CRYPTOSPOT 2.0.5 Version Released
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[V2.0.5] - 14.03.2018


*Added a Status Page that can be redirected by the user after login. Also on this page the users can change their password.
*The Bandwidth column has been added to the table on the Online Users page.
*HepSMS SMS service has been added.
*Custom Restriction Management added. In addition to this, desired restrictions can be added to the desired login option.
*If the pem format is selected in the certificate installation window, if optional intermediate certificate is loaded, both are saved.
* SMSExplorer API was updated.
*Export all user data feature was added to user pages.
*Forgot Password feature was added to Self Registration login type.
*Akınsoft Wolvox PMS software was integrated.
*Connection control feature was added to Custom PMS Sources.
*SMS Pattern Policy feature was added.
*Expire Date was added to Session Base Userdata Caching Feature.
*Query Url and Examine Policy features were added to Url Filter Page.
*Country code option was added to phone number field on Captive Portal.
*Dashboard statistics was improved.
*Bandwidth Cap Reset feature was added to user pages.
*Multi language labels was added to survey configuration page.
*Only compare feature was added to Report Schedule.
*Domain&Recipient pairs was added to Sponsor Login Configuration.
*"Force the survey to log in" feature was added.
*Added "Bulk Edit" feature that allows change multiple users properties at the same time.


*[BUGFIX]Fix of survey template and ad template usage mistake at lower license models.
*[BUGFIX]An error that occured when the password request used with the survey has been fixed.

[V2.0.4] - 28.12.2017


*CLI Reverse Call Authentication was added.
*Use as a user group functionality was added to User Templates page.
*Weekly option was added to Executive Reports.
*Adding user as mac auth. functionality was added to Online Users.
*Searching with date range was added to accounting reports page.


*[BUGFIX]IP Address check/update fixed for panel logins.
*[BUGFIX]Fix of login template path at clone function.
*[BUGFIX]The problem when occurs editing user properties quota option was solved.
*[BUGFIX]The problem that occur when disconnecting user on Online Users Page was fixed.

[V2.0.3] - 24.11.2017


*Added features according to license type.
*Log search functionality was added.
*Log statistics dashboard was added.
*The latest version and release notes will be displayed in the license page.
*Masquerade (NAT) Configuration was added.
*At the end of the subscription date, a free licensing feature was added.
*Added a license renewal method with the product key.
*The user information to be displayed in the sponsor mail confirmation mail has become editable from the web interface.
*PDF output capability has been added to the Mac Auth. Management screen.
*Getting user phone from PMS services functionality was added.
*TC Identity information may be used as the username in the Self Register.
*Date filter was added to Accounting Reports page.
*Adding user as mac auth. functionality was added to Online Users and Accounting Reports pages.


*[BUGFIX]Expiration Date adding to SMS users problem was solved.
*[BUGFIX]The problem of the blocking profile editing when the limit is reached on Captive Portal Policy was solved.
*[BUGFIX]The user adding problem on MAC Auth. Management was solved.
*[BUGFIX]Background task problem on System Access Policy was solved.
*[BUGFIX]The problem that arises when session timeout occurs in the web interface was fixed.

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